Herr Borelgrip is a bloc. One body and two heads. Or one head and two bodies. Or a double bass with reeds. Or a saxophone with gut strings. Three legs away jazz with a twisted free tongue. It strides along the roads of improvisation since more than 3650 days, from Thessaloniki to Sapporo through Alvesta and Kemerovo, carrying music to dig it and dig further. Many adventures made Herr Borelgrip stronger and wiser (some say weaker and sillier) keeping the same ravenous energy of counter-faced laughing stock. Loud and quiet.

1 could say that Herr Borelgrip’s strategy is un croche-pied, ett krokben, eine Falle, a trap.

2 could understand it in

3 different un

4 gettable ways.

Herr Borelgrip isn’t a beast. Very alive and with much appetite.

the two parts of

Herr Borelgrip


Pierre Borel is a parisian saxophonist and composer, working in the field of improvised and experimental music. Since 2006 he is residing in Berlin taking part of the high flow of ongoing creativity that is centered there. He has performed in most european countries, Japan and USA and is a regular playmate of Tobias Delius, Hannes Lingens, Derek Shirley, Tetuzi Akiyama, Christoph Kurzmann, Axel Dörner, Sven Ake Johannson, Christian Lillinger to name a few.

Together with Florian Bergmann and Hannes Lingens, he is running the Umlaut Berlin collective that in recent years released a great number of records and organized five festivals of improvised music.


Double bassist making music which emanates jazz, improvised and contemporary musics and experimental as well as traditional forms of mixing text, sound and movements.

Active in groups Klub Demboh, Ahmed, ISM, Tribute to Sheep, Chaise und Chaiselongue, Denzler/Grip/Johansson. 

more info www.joelgrip.com